ok of amazement in ■Daphne’s eyes. “I’ve clean fo■rgotten my manners,” he confessed rueful■ly. “No, don’t get that flyin■g look in your eyes; I swear that ●I’ll be good. It’s a long t

through sheer ■surprise. “But how did you know—how did you

●know about the lacquer chest?” she whispered b●reathlessly. “Oh, devil tak●e me for a blundering ass!” He stoo●d considering her forlornly for a moment●, and then shrugged his shoulders, with● the brilliant

and disarming smile. “The g●ame’s up, thanks to my inspire●d lu

  • nacy! But I’m going to trust you● not to say

    that you’ve seen me.● I know about the lacquer chest because I● always kept my

    marbles there.” “Are yo■u Stephen F

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